1. Technology Advising
    Who do you turn to for professional IT assistance? When people need advice for their business they seek it from a professional: attorney, accountant, financial planner. If your business is not large enough to need a dedicated IT Director, Aram Consulting can provide the expertise you require on an as needed basis.
  2. IT Operational Assesment
    Is your IT Infrastructure being managed and maintained at the highest level and in line with industry best practices?
  3. Business Continuity Planning
    A BCP can be essential to ensuring that your business can survive realistic social, personnel, and physical issues that can arise without warning.
  4. Disaster Recovery Planning
    Do you have a written and tested plan to recover your IT infrastructure in the face of a disaster? A technology DR plan is a critical part of any BCP.
  5. Service Level Agreements
    Are your service level agreements (SLA) being met and in alignment with your business needs? Are you paying for services that have guaranteed levels of performance? Do those guarantees line up with your business needs?
  6. IT Project Management
    Do you need an experienced IT Project Manager to oversee a change in technology, or a new deployment?
About Aram Consulting
Tom Aram brings 35 years of Information Technology (IT) experience to the Quad City area, having managed IT for Philips Information Systems, LCSC, SJRMC, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), and AT&T. His most recent experiences were the management of network and data center operations across the USA and globally for Fortune 500 customers of CSC and AT&T. Through those engagements, Aram has gained extensive experience and knowledge in evaluation and development of: IT documentation, disaster plan readiness, data center migrations, business continuity planning, outsourcing contract implementations, staff productivity, evaluating vendor contracts for effectiveness and performance, and IT project management.
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