Technology Advising

At some point, businesses have a need to seek advice from an expert. The most common advisors are lawyers, accountants, investment bankers, loan officers, etcetera. Sometimes we seek the advice of our business peers, hoping to gain insights from their experiences. When it comes to the application of technology in business, the most common practices are to become self-taught or to rely on local or regional computer businesses to provide guidance. On more than one occasion I have heard the comment that local businesses do not have enough experience, motivating business owners to seek advice from established computer businesses in larger metropolitan cities.
You may be asking the question, why should I trust Tom Aram to provide technology advice? My experience spans 35 years, and I have been advising senior management of large corporations for the past 12 years during my employment with Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) and AT&T. That expertise covers Data and Voice Networking, Servers, Data Center management and operations, Project Management, Security posturing, web content filtering, and both HIPPA and PCI compliant design and audit reporting. Those experiences directly relate to any size of business, as technology scales and expand in complexity with larger organizations, while the fundamentals of lifecycle management, security posturing, project planning, and operational procedures do not change. My knowledge and experience in these IT disciplines are what I bring to the table when providing consultations to my clients. You do not have to take my word for this. I will provide my resume and references to any prospective clients via email or in a face to face meeting.

Please contact me today to start the discussion about your business IT needs.


Questions to ask about technology and your business

  • Should I have a dedicated Internet firewall
  • Are there products that can help guard against ransomeware
  • If my file server crashed, how long will it take to get a replacement
  • What is the useable life span of switches and routers
  • Should I consider moving my data backup to the cloud
  • How can redundancy help ensure that I do not have down time
  • Is my Internet company providing the best service for the price
  • Do I really need to upgrade my software with every new release
  • What are the risks of continuing to use outdated software